Issue 8
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War May Be Hell, But a Sequel Is Purgatory: Thematic Combat With Battle Royale II: Requiem by Emily Intravia

Love, Loss, and Astounding Growth in The Incredible Shrinking Man and Attack of the Fifty-Foot Woman by Jessie Robie

“Oh Hi, Movie!” The Unironic Aesthetics of “So Bad It’s Good” In Tommy Wiseau’s The Room
by John Semley

The Story Behind Jim Wynorski’s Munchie Strikes Back OR Paracinema’s Parents’ Manual for Little Billy’s Question: “Why is the TV puppet telling me to vote Democrat?”
by Jonathan Plombon

The Serial Killer’s Mind: Comparing and Contrasting the Male Psyches in Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer by Brantley Palmer

Loss and Hope – The Past and the Future in The Road Warrior by Todd Garbarini

Plus much more…