Issue 20
Coming Soon
A Serbian Film: Transgressive Horror
in the Internet Age by Thomas Duke

Sam The Great And Powerfull
by Bryce Wilson

Juice Dogs & Erotic Trauma: An Exploration into Stephen Sayadian’s Nightdreams and Dr. Caligari by Heather Drain

The Vehicle Possessed–Masculinity and Male Agency in Wheels of Terror
by Seth Goodkind

The Making of the Penitentiary Films
by Paul Talbot

The Lion in Winter: The Later Years of the American Action Hero by Jon Abrams

The Many Villainous Faces of
David Patrick Kelly by Chris Hallock

Eyes Wide Open: Finding the Key to Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining through Rodney Ascher’s Room 237 by Todd Garbarini

Dying to Learn: Racial Politics and Violence as Pedagogy in Teacher-Features of the Post-Reagan Era by L.H. Marks

They Call Me Bruce: The History of Bruce Lee Exploitation Cinema
by Will Sloan

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