Vinegar Syndrome’s Throat…12 Years After Blu-ray Release
A reflection NOT a sequel.
Published on September 12, 2017 | Filed under Review
Throat... 12 Years After

The theatrical one sheet and Blu-ray cover art are adorned with the tagline “A reflection NOT a sequel” but outside of the title, many viewers would be hard pressed to consider Throat any sort of follow up to Deep Throat. Directed by famed Deep Throat director Gerard Damiano, Throat is primarily a series of unrelated vignettes rather than any sort of linear narrative – which actually works in its favor. And it has a killer theme song.

Unsurprisingly featuring a who’s who cast of porno chic regulars including Eric Edwards, Sharon Mitchell, Annie Sprinkle, Joey Silvera, Joanna Storm, Sharon Kane and Jerry Butler – there’s plenty of talent on display on both sides of the camera and Damiano keeps it moving and fun. There’s rarely a dull moment here and it features a bacchanal of a sequence set in a swingers club to music that I can only hope gets a vinyl release in the near future. It’s inspired, to say the least. With a lean 84 minute runtime and enough action to keep any adult cinema fan happy, Throat is an easy recommendation. Just don’t expect it to be Deep Throat, but you really shouldn’t be expecting that.

Throat... 12 Years After

Vinegar Syndrome have brought Throat to Blu-ray via a new 2K scan of its original camera negative and it’s beautiful. This is up there with the best work that VS has done so far with a show stopper of a presentation. Colors are bright, grain structure is intact and no damage is present. Sound comes in as DTS-HD MA 1.0 and it’s a very solid track, balancing the music and dialogue well and there’s plenty of the former that you’ll want to play loud. Absolutely flawless presentation here.

Some solid supplements start with a 20 minute conversation with DP (and all around adult cinema vet) Larry Revene. His talk concerns the production of Throat as much as it does his career in general and Revene has plenty of anecdotes to share. I’d love a full commentary track by him. We then get a 30 minute conversation with actress Michelle Maren who also discusses her career at large. It’s a great talk and surprisingly exhaustive for such a short time, it’s a great watch. Lastly, there’s a 83 minute audio interview with Sharon Kane that basically operates like a commentary track – it’s definitely worth the time investment for fans.

Throat... 12 Years After

Throat…12 Years After capitalized on the hype of Deep Throat and its filmmaker but it doesn’t need to. It’s a fun, breezy adult film that works more as a series of vignettes than a narrative and features a great cast and a memorable soundtrack. Vinegar Syndrome’s restoration is flawless and the supplements package is solid. Highly recommended.

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Justin LaLiberty