Netflix Film Festival 51: April 2016
April 2016's edition of what's worth streaming on Netflix. Sharks, nightmares, Bigfoot, a severed foot, and more!
Published on April 29, 2016 | Filed under Netflix Film Festival

Welcome back loyal Netflix lovin’ fiends and fiendettes! Spring has sprung and all around us are the signs of new growth, blooming flowers, and bees and birds doing it right under our very noses. The temptation may be great to leave your hovel and enjoy nature’s splendor but don’t be fooled: pollen, bee stings (from said copulating bees and birds), sun burns on our pasty winter skins, and other horrors await in the outside world. So stay inside and watch some rad flicks instead!

The Nightmare

The Nightmare (2015)

From the director of Room 237, this documentary made the rounds last year in horror circles due to it’s very creepy premise: there are people who suffer from sleep paralysis and there is no cure. These poor souls are visited by truly terrifying things are are completely unable to wake up or even move as they are terrorized. The documentary does not try to find a cure or reason for the occurrence. Rather it’s a big serving of terrifying tales from the folks who suffer from it.

Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers (2015)

Another strange doc. This one is about a man who finds a severed human leg in a barbecue smoker he purchased. A battle ensues over ownership of said limb between the buyer and the original owner to whom the leg was attached. Sounds strange, and it is, but it’s also a touching film of loss and redemption that you wouldn’t expect. Truly a great film for the discerning cinephile.

Avalanche Sharks

Avalanche Sharks (2013)

If the first two picks were for those with champagne tastes, for the rest this Bud’s for you. Stupid, fun, gory, and over the top, this one delivers where so many other stupid shark movies fail: it’s action packed. Many of these flicks have endless scenes of dialogue and bloodless kills. Not so here. These are ancient spirits of the mountain come to eat idiots by the bushel. If you want to turn your brain off and watch some tomfoolery, this is your flick.

The Hallow

The Hallow (2015)

Not to be confused with The Hollow (note the spelling), this fantastic horror flick got a lot of buzz when it hit the festival circuit and finally it’s easy to get a hold of. Set in rural Ireland, a young family move into an ancient abode so the patriarch can start sizing up the forest for a company that intends to hack it down for lumber. They have ventured into land protected by ancient creatures and things don’t look good for the fam. Beautifully filmed, with cool creatures, great effects, and a moody atmosphere this one is a home run for horror fans.

Harry and the Hendersons

Harry and the Hendersons (1987)

File this one under nostalgia. I had the VHS of this flick as a kid and used to watch it all the time. It’s a favorite of mine so it could be the rose tinted glass of my youth or it could be the best movie starring a lovable bigfoot. You decide. Featuring impressive makeup and animatronics by Rick Baker, starring John Lithgow and David Suchet, produced by Amblin, this one is a stone cold 80’s classic.

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