Netflix Film Festival 50: March 2016
Recommending the best of what's streaming on Netflix, our 50th edition brings horror, docs, and thrillers to fill up your eye holes!
Published on March 31, 2016 | Filed under Netflix Film Festival

Welcome once again weirdos, agoraphobics, and cinephiles to another edition of the Netflix Film Festival! This my 50th edition which means I’ve brought you over 250 funky films to fill your eyeballs! What a wild and weird ride it’s been. This one will be no different so buckle up and enjoy the sweet ride.

A Hard Day

A Hard Day (2014)

Make no bones about it, South Korea is the heavyweight champion of suspenseful flicks and this one is no different. When a cop accidentally kills a pedestrian with his car, he has to cover up the evidence that implicates him but what he doesn’t expect is the tangled web the victim was involved with, which he is now a part of. This one is full of nail biting moments and had me on the edge of my seat. Great stuff fiends.

Cartel Land

Cartel Land (2015)

This documentary is a rough one. Much like Narco Cultura (2013), which I covered way back in ’14, it’s about the devastating effects of the Mexican drug cartels and the people on the front lines trying to stop them on both sides of the border. It’s a tough watch especially when things begin to unravel for the Mexican vigilante group, but it’s riveting nonetheless.

Uncle John

Uncle John (2015)

An old man commits murder and covers up the evidence. The victim had a brother and he’s snooping around. Uncle John is a great suspense flick that is oddly split in half with a romantic drama. The old man, the titular Uncle John has a nephew who is trying to make it in the big city. I would have preferred if they were two different films as both are successful but I recommend this flick solely on the strength of the story line about John. I love old guys in film and in particular these codgers.


Reality (2015)

From the director of Rubber, Wrong, and Wrong Cops comes this bizarre slab of cinema. A man pitches his film idea to a producer and he’s given the green light but only if he can find the best scream ever heard in cinema history. A heady task and this flick goes off the rails quickly. I’d rank it better than Wrong, more interesting (but less funny) than Wrong Cops and stranger than Rubber. If you dig those films, take the dive, you’ll dig it.


Infini (2015)

This Australian flick owes a lot to Alien, Aliens, and Event Horizon and I’m ok with that. Set in the future (isn’t it always?), people are transported by having their bodies digitized and sent to far flung colonies where precious minerals and gasses are mined. A group of roughnecks are sent to a derelict colony where all the inhabitants are dead. There is also a bomb being sent from the colony to blow up a large chunk of the Earth. Bummer. The roughnecks are deployed to find out what happened and stop the bomb. Vicious, scary, and bloody, this flick hits that sweet spot where horror and sci-fi intersect.

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