Netflix Film Festival: 49 February 2016
February 2016's edition of what's worth streaming on Netflix. Teenagers, monsters, lawyers, North Korea, and more!
Published on February 23, 2016 | Filed under Netflix Film Festival

Welcome back insomniacs, obsessives, and surgery patients to another edition of the Netflix Film Festival! It’s a new year and a new day for watching fantastic flicks from the comfort of your own home. So put on your sweat pants, thrust your hand into your pants for a real good scratch, and check out this month’s selections!

When Animals Dream

When Animals Dream (2015)

This Danish horror flick takes the werewolf mythos and makes it appropriately Nordic: lots of natural lighting, a knowing village of suspicious types, and grim characters being stoic. I really dug this one. It has great subtle transformation effects tied to a coming of age story. This one’s a winner.

The Propaganda Game

The Propaganda Game (2015)

What happens when a Spanish documentarian is allowed to film in ultra restrictive North Korea? This documentary, of course. It calls into question our own country’s propaganda efforts painting the country as hell on earth. Unprecedented access is granted and some myths are dispelled while others may not be so easily brushed aside. A thoughtful piece well worth your time.

Last Shift

Last Shift (2015)

Another horror flick for you eyeballs, this one features what could be the worst poster I’ve seen in a decade. Don’t let that stop you though because this little horror flick is truly unsettling and very well crafted. It goes overboard a couple of times but largely works very well. Think Assault on Precinct 13 (1976) + 13 ghosts (2001) – the crappy second half of 13 Ghosts.

Black Coal, Thin Ice

Black Coal, Thin Ice (2015)

This Chinese detective story delivers the goods in a way that I thought South Korea could only do. It’s long, it’s a little hard to follow, but it’s worth the effort. A former detective gets a new lead on a cold case involving the discovery of body parts at various coal depots.

Gideon's Army

Gideon’s Army (2015)

Another great doc to feast on, Gideon’s Army profiles the unsung heroes of the judicial system, the public defenders. We see how hard these folks have to work and for only chump change. The temptation to go private and rake in the big bucks with a more manageable case load whispers in their ears constantly but they refuse the siren song. Get a better look of how terrible our judicial system truly is.

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