Netflix Film Festival 48: November 2015
November 2015's edition of what's worth streaming on Netflix. Protests in Ukraine, Neo-Noir, a master bugger, and more!
Published on November 27, 2015 | Filed under Netflix Film Festival

Welcome weird-oes, insomniacs, and shut-ins to yet another edition of the Netflix Film Festival. We’ve made it all the way to number 48 which marks 4 years and nearly 200 movie suggestions! It’s been a great 4 years sharing the strange, stellar, and stupid films lurking on Netflix for all of us to enjoy. This month is no different so lets dig in!

Man From Reno

Man From Reno (2015)

This neo-noir set in San Francisco will get your detective juices flowing as you try to figure out this twisty tale of murder and betrayal. This is a fantastic film that I never would have discovered if it hadn’t been for Netflix. Another bonus point for the red!


Road (2015)

Narrated by my favorite ass kicker, Liam Neeson, Road is a documentary about the legendary Dunlop road racing family. These guys ride souped up motorcycles on race tracks made up of normal roads. Screaming around corners festooned with telephone poles, trees, statues, and buildings. At any moment they can lose control and be flung into any of them doing over 100 m.p.h. It’s an intense and very well filmed doc that feels like a white knuckle ride while you sit in your favorite comfy chair.

The Conversation

The Conversation (1971)

Gene Hackman stars in this film directed by Francis Ford Coppola as a master “bugger.” He is a whiz at surveillance and is hired to record a conversation of a couple in a park but all is not what it seems when Hackman is followed and threatened for the tapes. You don’t need me to tell you this is a fantastic film, but I’ll tell you anyway. It’s fantastic and you should watch it. It’s a classic and an essential 70’s crime flick.

Winter on Fire

Winter on Fire (2015)

This powerful documentary was produced by Netflix and it provides a window into the Ukraine protests of 2013 and 2014. Footage from the actual protests and police brutality filmed by the protesters is presented along with interviews with those that were there while it happened. Well edited and powerful, the film also contains some graphic footage so viewer beware.

Ghost Graduation

Ghost Graduation (2012)

This Spanish film is about a school haunted by teenage ghosts. A teacher who has the ability to see them is hired to get them out of the school. Goofy, gross, and funny this is not a horror film at all, but really a comedy about being young and misunderstood. Fans of Beetlejuice rejoice, it has a similar though less spooky vibe.

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