Netflix Film Festival 44: June 2015
June 2015's edition of what's worth streaming on Netflix. Zombies, the Iron Sheik, deep sea divers, and more!
Published on June 19, 2015 | Filed under Netflix Film Festival

Welcome weird-os, insomniacs, and shut-ins to another edition of the Netflix Film Festival! Summer is right around the corner and soon the white hot heat from our horrible sun will beat down upon us with skin burning fury. So, enjoy this wonderful time between spring and summer by staying indoors and marathoning movies on Netflix! Let’s dig in!


Pioneer (2014)

This Norwegian film about super deep sea diving centers on a conspiracy to win the bid for building a new pipeline. Beautifully directed and acted this one is a great pot boiler.

The Thieves

The Thieves (2012)

This Korean heist flick is like Oceans 11 but really good with some fantastic stunt sequences. Korea once again proves that their cinema is never a gamble.

The Sheik

The Sheik (2014)

This documentary about wrestler Iron Sheik was funny, fascinating, inspiring, and contained a lot of curse words. I loved it.

[Rec] 4

[Rec] 4 (2014)

The fourth entry in this Spanish zombie apocalypse series is a lot of fun. It’s got plenty of gory bits and the characters use a boat motor as a weapon. If you liked the previous 3 films, you’ll dig this one too. This time the outbreak is on a ship in the ocean som there’s that too.

November Man

November Man (2014)

Pierce Brosnan tries to cash in on that sweet older dude action star money that Liam Neeson has been rolling around in (I love Neeson-sploitation flicks!), by starring in this spy thriller. It features a heap of badassery, big bloody squibs, and explosions. What more can you ask for?

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  • Jason Andrew Wendleton

    The Thieves sounds good and November Man has been in my queue for a while now…guess I need to check them both out.

    • UncouthParacinema

      the thieves is a lot of fun. it’s a great caper flick!