Monday Night Thread-Up: Chained Heat
Come in from the cold, weary New Yorkers. Tonight we've got something sleazy to warm you up!
Published on February 16, 2015 | Filed under News
Chained Heat

Leonard Maltin’s resoundingly negative review of Chained Heat states: “Innocent Blair finds herself in a prison where the warden has a hot tub in his office. Strictly for the grind-house crowd on 42nd Street.” Sounds like a good time to me! That “Blair” is Linda, as in the young girl from The Exorcist. Only she isn’t young anymore and she isn’t afraid to show it. Blair is joined by John Vernon as the hot-tub owning warden with a penchant for fraternizing with the inmates under his “care,” Henry Silva and Stella Stevens as a couple running an escort service of prisoners, Sybil Danning as the leader of the white inmates and Tamara Dobson as the leader of the black inmates. It’s a veritable who’s who of all things ‘sploitation.

Chained Heat isn’t just any women-in-prison flick either, with less of a focus on shower scenes (they’re there, don’t worry) and more of a focus on the day-to-day of staying alive in the prison. It’s like Lock Up by way of Andy Sidaris and the results are 95 minutes of sheer sleaze. The violence is brutal, the action plentiful and the T&A is as ubiquitous as prison bars. They don’t make ‘em like this anymore.

As always, issues of Paracinema will be available for purchase before the show. With the affordable $5 price of admission we’ll be giving away an original Chained Heat poster (pictured above) to one lucky individual before the screening!

Join your host Justin at the NYC area Alamo Drafthouse tonight at 8PM as he hosts a night of prison shanks, evil correctional officers, and a hot tubbing Warden. It’s all on 35mm, and only $5! Get your tickets now!

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