Vinegar Syndrome’s Pretty Peaches Blu-ray Release
A supremely silly screwball comedy every bit as deserving of a brightly bedazzled marquee circa 1978.
Published on November 28, 2014 | Filed under Review
Pretty Peaches

People constantly ask me what my favorite adult film is (I’ve unfortunately set a reputation/stigma for myself) and at the top of that list will always be Behind the Green Door for sheer cinema bliss, but always mentioned at the same time or shortly after is Alex de Renzy’s Pretty Peaches. It may not be as typical canon fodder as the aforementioned Green Door, or something as iconic as porn-chic mainstays like Deep Throat or The Devil In Miss Jones but it is every bit as deserving of a brightly bedazzled marquee circa 1978 as those titles would be in their respective years of release. Pretty Peaches hasn’t always been easy to access on home video – especially in its uncut form – but Vinegar Syndrome have pulled out all the stops for this release offering de Renzy’s film in its fullest – and prettiest – form yet.

What really sets Pretty Peaches apart from the rest of the adult cinema pack at the time of its release is how sincerely it works as a comedy. Sure, plenty of adult films went for laughs and some succeeded more than others but, for my money, none are as successful as this one is. In supremely silly screwball comedy fashion, Pretty Peaches follows its titular character Peaches (played by then newcomer Desiree Cousteau) to see her dad (John Leslie in a full on country western get up) get married in Las Vegas. She then gets in an accident which leaves her unconscious and susceptible to the urges of a couple of men who then take her home. Amnesia induced hijinks and a whole lot of sex follow.

Pretty Peaches

Pretty Peaches is accessible for its comedy but really stands out for its stridently adult content. The highlight being a madcap bathroom scene involving a doctor and an enema which needs to be seen to be believed, it may not be WaterPower but its fairly transgressive for a film that seems to be after as wide of an audience (for this kind of material) as it is and Cousteau is more than game for it. Other than that, your bases are covered for all things expected in a hardcore flick from the 70s and it culminates in an orgy that… shines. They really don’t make them like they used to.

Vinegar Syndrome’s transfer of Pretty Peaches is a revelation. I had only ever seen the film on shoddy DVD copies over the years and now I feel as if I’ve seen it for the first time again. This is a 2K scan from 35mm and I can’t think of anything to complain about. Blacks are solid and the colors really pop here. For a film of its age, it is impressively void of damage and debris. Outstanding job. The audio is a DTS-HD track and it captures all of the sound effects that you’d want to hear in this type of thing, with some great music as well. It’s not the kind of thing  you’re going to use to show off your sound system but it’s likely a great representation of what it originally sounded like and that’s all that I want. Very impressive presentation all around.

Pretty Peaches

There isn’t a ton of supplemental content but we do get a nearly 20 minute interview with de Renzy, mostly about his career in porn which makes sense. There’s also an interview with Dr. Ted Mcilvenna, a historian and friend of de Renzy. Both of the interviews are casual yet informative and are well worth a watch for fans. There’s also a few trailers for other de Renzy films, which are very welcome.

It is worth noting that this release is a limited edition blu-ray/DVD combo pack of only 1500 units, so if you do want it there is no time like the present.

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Justin LaLiberty