Netflix Film Festival 33: June 2014
June 2014's edition of what's worth streaming on Netflix. Creeps, cops, actual superheroes, British kids, and more.
Published on June 30, 2014 | Filed under Netflix Film Festival

Freaks, geeks, weirdos, and shut-ins the time has come for yet another in a seemingly endless series of Netflix Film Festival entries! So beat the heat (not your meat) and dig in to this month’s selections!

Wrong Cops

Wrong Cops (2013)

I loved Rubber, and liked Wrong, but Wrong Cops is the best so far! Odd characters and situations with no real plot to speak of. Funky music, courtesy of the director(!), and weirdo situations abound. Lots of fun for those who like their comedy way off kilter.


Superheroes (2011)

This documentary follows real life superheros, people who dress up in masks and capes and actually patrol their neighborhoods looking for trouble. This is not a faux documentary, this is the real deal. These ladies and gentlemen actually do this. What could have been a very mean spirited documentary making fun of these people (and to be honest, at points it does) is largely an inspiring film. These social misfits do something helpful with their free time, looking out for the little guy and actually do make their communities a better place. I really loved this doc and it could easily end up on my best of the year list. Inspiring, and moving (yes I got choked up when they were helping out homeless people), this is a damn fine doc.

Night of Creeps

Night of the Creeps (1986)

This recently popped up on Netflix streaming and if you haven’t seen this cult gem from the director of The Monster Squad, stop what you’re doing and check it out. It features great gore gags, 80’s party fun, and a great performance from Tom Atkins. This one is a huge fan favorite. Jump on it!

The Selfish Giant

The Selfish Giant (2013)

All I can say is thank you for the subtitles, Netflix! This British film about two very low class kids who decide to ditch school and steal stuff to sell to the scrapper is a gut punch of a film. Well directed and acted, it’s a very tough look at the lives of those who have nothing to aspire to beyond the criminals that surround them.

Odd Thomas

Odd Thomas (2013)

Finally, we have this film based on the very popular book series. Fast paced, fun, and with super snappy dialogue. A solid genre flick that could have benefited from a bigger budget and a theatrical release though it does have the right amount of Willem Defoe.

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