Milo #SXSW2013
The story of one man's battle (or friendship) with a pintsized demon living in his intestine.
Published on March 11, 2013 | Filed under SXSW 2013

I knew in my bones Milo was going to be something special. It was easily one of SXSW’s more “genre” offerings, and that alone was enough to get me in the theater. And then I saw the cast (Ken Marino, Gillian Jacobs, Peter Stormare, Stephen Root…), and the producers (Mark and Jay Duplass), and it skyrocketed up my must-see list.


The story of a man with a monster living in his colon could easily be played for crass laughs alone, but Milo takes the ridiculous-on-paper premise deadly serious, and it works. Make no mistake, this is a comedy of epic proportions. It’s also a monster movie with a horrifyingly adorable practical creature. This genre-bending film delivers jokes with straight-faced, unselfconscious sincerity that is, quite frankly, refreshing.


So often with “horror”/comedy of this nature there seems to be this calculated attempt to create a “cult” film. Much to Milo‘s credit, it seems more concerned with being a clever (I swear I’m being haunted by the “Enemy Within” episode of Star Trek), amusing film filled with likable characters than being overtly kitschy.

This film is a lot of fun and I highly recommend checking it out if you get the chance.

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  • Alexandra Kittle

    Oh wow I hadn’t heard of this one but it sounds great! I love Ken Marino, and it’s rare to see him star in a movie so I’m on board just for that!

    • Christine

      It’s really quite fun. And if you love Marino, you’ll adore him in this. He’s so good!