Issue 19
Inside Issue 19
Cover illustration by Garry Brown

Phoebe Moves in Stereo: How Fast Times at Ridgemont High Gave Birth to a Classic Scene by Mike McGranaghan

John Carpenter and the Apocalypse: A Study of Three Films
by Justin LaLiberty

Lost Video Archive: Skatetown USA
by Seth Goodkind

Aural Enigmas: Sound Design in Ti West’s The Innkeepers by Todd Garbarini

Japan’s Direct to Video Explosion
by Josh Johnson

Firing Broadsides: Creating a Horror Canon
by C. Rachel Katz

The Devil’s in The DeVAS: The Many Foes of Beatrix Kiddo by Zachary Kelley

Corpse Fucking Art: A Guide to Necrophilia in Horror Cinema by Samm Deighan

“I’m sorry if the end of the world makes me a little nervous.” An Interview with Kelli Maroney by Chris Hallock

It’s Complicated: An In Depth Look at the Evolution of Bill and The Bride’s
Turbulent Relationship in Kill Bill
by Matthew House

What’s In A Name? The Rise and Decline of Hollywood Fall Guy Alan Smithee
by James Gracey

Last Words: Burn the Innocents with the Aggressors by S. Patrick Gallagher

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