Issue 18
Coming Soon
Speed Racer: The Art of Absurdity
by Patrick Smith

In a Lonely Place and the Shadow of Serial Crime by Samm Deighan

Now Read the Movie: Chronicle as Young Adult Literature by C. Rachel Katz

That Movie About the Giant Turtle and the Girl with Glowing Green Eyes
by Todd Garbarini

Norman Mailer’s Underground Trilogy
by Brett Taylor

The Goriest Film You Never Saw
by Jose Cruz

Lost Video Archive: Aerobicide & Death Spa
by Seth Goodkind

Marriage Bites: Lesbian Vampires and the Failure of Heterosexuality in Daughters of Darkness by Erin Wiegand

“When Single Shines the Triple Sun”: Duality and Self Discovery in The Dark Crystal by Christine Makepeace

Freedom in Filmmaking: Universal’s Indie Experiment by Martin Harris

3D’s Use and Potential in Today’s Cinematic Landscape by Caleb McCandless

Last Words: … And I Feel Fine.
by S. Patrick Gallagher

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