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Well, I can honestly say that space is what scares me most. You could read a lot of deep shit into that fear. All kinds of stuff about vastness and the unknown. Or you could go for the more physical threat of aliens. Aliens are in space, and those so
If you gaze to your right slightly, you will see Loma Lynda listed under our “friends”. This of course was done as a way of saying “hey, check this out”. Well, this is a slightly more obvious way of us saying “hey, check
I always get a little excited when I can see a film before it’s wide release. And as I have mentioned numerous times before, I love George Romero. So I was beyond thrilled to attend a screening of Diary of the Dead with Romero in person. WOW! L
I will start this by saying: 1) I obsessively love Richard Matheson. I Am Legend in book form is probably one of the most amazing things I have ever read. I finished it in like a day and a half. He also wrote for Twilight Zone, Star Trek, Night Galle