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Why would I subject myself to watching a movie that is so highly revered as a pile of doo doo, you ask? Curiosity I guess. Or maybe I’m a sort of movie masochist that feels the need to watch every horror movie scraped from the very bottom of the ba
A look at Jeff Nichols' first film, and my first experience with my favorite working actor, Michael Shannon.
A hungry young cop placed undercover in New York's gay/S&M subculture in hopes of catching a serial killer. Hijinks ensue.
Let me start off by saying The Strangers opens today. There has been oh so much buzz about it. It may not suck, who knows? Everyone has had opinions regarding it for a long while. “It looks like Funny Games“, “it looks like the orig
And since he seems to know so much about the time/space continuum and time travel, maybe he really could pay me back. Of course I’m speaking about Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales. Let me preface by saying I really wanted to like this movi
…a meal at a fine Italian restaurant is to a can of Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli…or something like that. I saw the latest addition to the Rambo series last night. I heard that some critics really enjoyed this film, so I was really hoping fo
Well, I can honestly say that space is what scares me most. You could read a lot of deep shit into that fear. All kinds of stuff about vastness and the unknown. Or you could go for the more physical threat of aliens. Aliens are in space, and those so
If you gaze to your right slightly, you will see Loma Lynda listed under our “friends”. This of course was done as a way of saying “hey, check this out”. Well, this is a slightly more obvious way of us saying “hey, check
I always get a little excited when I can see a film before it’s wide release. And as I have mentioned numerous times before, I love George Romero. So I was beyond thrilled to attend a screening of Diary of the Dead with Romero in person. WOW! L
I will start this by saying: 1) I obsessively love Richard Matheson. I Am Legend in book form is probably one of the most amazing things I have ever read. I finished it in like a day and a half. He also wrote for Twilight Zone, Star Trek, Night Galle