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The House Of The Devil had me at hello. I first saw the poster back in August on Dinner With Max Jenke and my interest was piqued instantly. The poster art brought me back to the video store trips of my youth. I spent so much time standing in the hor
Set in W.W.II France, The Inglorious Bastards follows five soldiers who are each facing court-martial for crimes ranging from stealing to murder. After a Nazi attack on the convoy transporting the prisoners to court, the soldiers escape and quickly d
… is the film I wasn’t aware I had been waiting for all my life. I have no qualms with Diablo Cody because this is my first exposure to her. I have no problem with Megan Fox because she is, in fact, super attractive. My movie going experi
I covered one other Pink Eiga film a while back called Sexy Battle Girls – a fun, over the top action movie/soft-core porn that was, as expected, more porn than action. 2003’s A Lonely Cow Weeps at Dawn is a major departure form the actio
1967 was one hell of year to say the least for the collective consciousness of the world, The Beatles’ Sgt.Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Pink Floyd’s Pipers at the Gates of Dawn came out, Lichtenstein and Warhol were painting
I’ll tell you what was wrong with it! It started out as a promising flick but then turned to shit. How’s that for honest and direct? OK, let’s backtrack. The opening scenes of Miracle at St. Anna had me in tears. Graphic depictions
I flew off the handle when I heard there was to be an English language remake of [REC]. Why not just release the original? Slap some subtitles on that bitch and ship it off to the masses. Alas, that was not to be the case and Quarantine was born. Des
I’m not really all that into writing a review about a film that everyone else in the Internet movie world has already written about (and probably much better than myself at that), but it would be very difficult for me not to get some of my thou
Very rarely do I venture to the theater to see a film on its opening weekend. 2 QT fans happen to reside in this household, so Inglourious Basterds was worth any possible aggravation. I’m not spoiler girl and I’m sure there are 17 million
Ahhh… the apocalypse, how I love thee. Well, when the apocalypse is in the form of celluloid that is. For whatever sadistic reason, I never tire of this genre and I’m a little surprised that I had never heard of the 1988 nuclear war film, Mir
I recently read a Facebook comment in which my cousin proclaimed she “would like the 3 hours she spent watching the new Friday the 13th and The Unborn back please! Great job being NOT interesting and NOT scary…” I thought to myself,
Having become pretty acquainted with the films of Italian auteur, Umberto Lenzi over the past year or so, I have quickly learned that I really like the films I have watched of the director quite a bit. Lenzi’s 1975 Italian crime thriller, Syndicate