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I’m not really all that into writing a review about a film that everyone else in the Internet movie world has already written about (and probably much better than myself at that), but it would be very difficult for me not to get some of my thou
Very rarely do I venture to the theater to see a film on its opening weekend. 2 QT fans happen to reside in this household, so Inglourious Basterds was worth any possible aggravation. I’m not spoiler girl and I’m sure there are 17 million
Ahhh… the apocalypse, how I love thee. Well, when the apocalypse is in the form of celluloid that is. For whatever sadistic reason, I never tire of this genre and I’m a little surprised that I had never heard of the 1988 nuclear war film, Mir
I recently read a Facebook comment in which my cousin proclaimed she “would like the 3 hours she spent watching the new Friday the 13th and The Unborn back please! Great job being NOT interesting and NOT scary…” I thought to myself,
Having become pretty acquainted with the films of Italian auteur, Umberto Lenzi over the past year or so, I have quickly learned that I really like the films I have watched of the director quite a bit. Lenzi’s 1975 Italian crime thriller, Syndicate
Crazy right? I have a pile of movies-I-should-have-seen-but-haven’t. What’s my excuse? I don’t have one. Sometimes things slip through the cracks. Sometimes instead of watching a “classic” (subjective term!) I put on Sha
Assuming you have read Christine’s post (cause it‘s right below this one!) about a film that, strangely enough, I just so happened to start writing about the very same evening she posted her blog. I find it to be quite the exciting coincidence, a
I love netflix. Do you know what I love even more than netflix? That’s right! Instant watch on netflix! If it wasn’t for the truly inspired merger of xbox and netflix I most likely wouldn’t have seen Cold Prey. Cold Prey is a Norweg
I often enjoy the writings of a great little movie blog titled Quiet Cool that is written by my very knowledgeable pal, Hans. Always thinking it was just a catchy little name, I was intrigued when I saw that there was a film of that same inspirationa
Why would I subject myself to watching a movie that is so highly revered as a pile of doo doo, you ask? Curiosity I guess. Or maybe I’m a sort of movie masochist that feels the need to watch every horror movie scraped from the very bottom of the ba
A look at Jeff Nichols' first film, and my first experience with my favorite working actor, Michael Shannon.
A hungry young cop placed undercover in New York's gay/S&M subculture in hopes of catching a serial killer. Hijinks ensue.