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Command Performance is co-written, directed and stars an aging, yet still very striking (in the most hetro way) Dolph Lundgren. Dolph’s character John McClain… I mean “Joe”, rocks hard in a band called CMF (Cheap Motherfucker&
Have you ever wanted to see a “fowl” mouthed turkey carjack a man with a shotgun? Nor did I, but the recent buzz Thankskilling got on twitter got me interested enough to give it a shot. Special thanks to Netflix instant watch and my Xbox
Creating an original movie villain is not an easy task; even more difficult is to come up with one for a Slasher film. You can ignore many issues in a Slasher film if it can deliver a solid killer and the Slasher essentials, boobs, gore, awesome kill
I saw Antichrist over the weekend. I liked it. Nay, I loved it. By now this Lars von Trier romp has become quite notorious. I REALLY don’t want to spoil it here, and that makes it a wee bit hard to talk about. Many of the things that affected m
It isn’t an easy thing to set a film in one location, you have to provide solid character development, strong actors, and a good hook to snag the viewer in. 2007’s Blackout, directed by Rigoberto CastaƱeda is mostly set in one singular l
A weak title and an even worse tagline “Before adulthood comes…” can you figure out the rest? KiDULTHOOD! Thankfully, this 2006 British film directed by Menhaj Huda is a solid movie following a day in the life of a group of 15-year-
Tobe Hooper. A name that is almost infamous in film for what he has done in his later years as a director…most of it being complete trash. Tobe Hooper is also a name that is synonymous with classic, as in he has directed a horror masterpiece wi
You’re entering spoiler country, folks. I will forever root for the little guy. It will always warm my heart to see the underdog take the #1 spot at the box office. My heart swells at the success of Paranormal Activity. I’m just sad I did
The trailer for Grace sent me into a frenzy. On the surface, the premise seemed right up my alley. A women who has lost everything willing her baby back to life only to reap disastrous consequences? Yes please! I almost blind bought it. That’s
Centuries ago, an evil wizard was executed by Mr. goodie two shoes, Arthur Kelly for his terrible practices – the wizard swears to one day take revenge on the Kelly family. He finally gets his chance when a group of 27-year-old teens mess aroun
The House Of The Devil had me at hello. I first saw the poster back in August on Dinner With Max Jenke and my interest was piqued instantly. The poster art brought me back to the video store trips of my youth. I spent so much time standing in the hor
Set in W.W.II France, The Inglorious Bastards follows five soldiers who are each facing court-martial for crimes ranging from stealing to murder. After a Nazi attack on the convoy transporting the prisoners to court, the soldiers escape and quickly d