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I watched Passengers today. Going in, I really didn’t know what to expect and chose it based solely on the casting. Taking the film on with a fresh set of eyes and a clear mind really swayed my opinion in a positive direction. Put bluntly, I re
Or don’t watch it, cuz it is pretty awful. Yet, also strangely wonderful. Simon Says is a little gem from 2006 available on netflix instant watch. It’s a by the books slasher involving a killer with split personalities set in some remote
This movie was not made for me. I am very clear on that fact. It was made for the people clapping and hollering in my theater. Good for them. There is nothing I can tell you in this blog that you can’t figure out by watching the trailer. Angel,
There is just something so appealing about bad movies and there is nothing more fun, than discovering something that almost leaves you speechless with its awfulness after watching it. 1987’s Student Confidential is one of those films. Most of the
When you go in not expecting much, amazing things can happen. I should employee that tactic more in life… Daybreakers is a vampire movie. Sure there are some neat ethical quandaries presented and a fab outbreak angle. But I mean, it’s a v
Baghead is described as a comedy about relationships, yet, I kept hearing grumblings that it was a horror movie too, but many descriptions would not have that as a noted genre aspect for this 2008 indie film. Not that I honestly looked into it all th
Sometimes the buzz behind a film takes on a life of its own. It can become distracting. You hear enough people say something is amazing and you may start to believe it blindly… or the opposite. You may begin to harbor baseless resentment for a
Ah, Night of the Creeps. We were such good friends when I was younger. I spent many a dark night watching you on cable. I always loved your mix of gore, silly aliens, zombies & slug parasites…But we haven’t seen each other in years an
Blind Love is a 2005 film directed by Daisuke Goto, who also directed another Pink Eiga film that I covered some time back titled, A Lonely Cow Weeps at Dawn. Even with the copious amount of sex, nudity, and very taboo subject matter, Lonely Cow was
… or overlooked gem? Well, it wasn’t the worst movie I’ve ever watched. And it certainly isn’t a masterpiece. But,2003’s Darkness Falls is worth the time spent. You may remember the release of this film; I sure do. As I
I’ll just come right out and say that Uwe Boll is not that bad of a director. Okay? Some compare him to Ed Wood Jr., which is not really a fair comparison, but nowadays, Wood is looked at somewhat fondly and his films are considered cult camp c
Sam Raimi has had a career that I have enjoyed from Evil Dead on and I would never have expected him to return to his horror roots after his success with the Spiderman series. The closest I would have thought would be something along the lines of The