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I love city life. The hustle and bustle is fine by me. But this string of 90+ degree days has made me want to weep into my sweat soaked pillow. Subway platforms are too hot! And walking simply to procure a box of cereal is unbearable. I must look to
Photoshop pros, eat your heart out! This review(s) is/are a long time coming. Dragging my feet considerably, it wasn’t until I was cataloging my Nature’s Grave DVD that I looked on IMdB to surprisingly see that it was a remake of the 1978
Exit Through the Gift Shop, the Banksy directed street art documentary, may be the most fun I’ve had at the theater all year. This doc is fast paced, funny and will no doubt show you something new. It’s still in theaters, but if it isn
Uwe Boll’s Rampage is a movie based on a video game where a monkey, lizard and wolf smash up buildings. jk. Rampage is actually about a young man who enjoys double espresso macchiatos (with extra foam) and killing innocent people. Partly anyway
When humans attempt to raise a wild animal, specifically an ape of some kind, there often comes a time when a harsh reality smacks them in the face. People were not meant to care for these animals. As “human” as they may appear, there com
I saw MacGruber last week, yet I didn’t blog about it. The reason for this lapse? I simply didn’t have a lot to say. I took the time to write about why I wanted to see it. Yet I couldn’t commit a few moments after I exited the theat
Oh Grey Gardens (1975), what a strange entity you are. A documentary in the truest sense, you abandon narration and toss plotted out storytelling aside. At first glance, you appear to be composed of a series of randomly spliced scenes. Two crazy wome
High Kick Girl! (Hai kikku gâru!) is a 2009 Japanese Martial Arts film that plays more like a demo reel for newcomer Rina Takeda to show off her solid skills and ability to kick incredibly high with her longer than ‘Once Upon A Time In America
You may or may not recall us squawking about an event we were co-hosting. Well, we did and we had the pleasure of seeing some amazing short films. The feature was good. Not really my taste, but still well made and well acted. My favorite thing about
This will be short, sweet and focused… I hope. People are all over the web waxing and waning about this movie. This is just one girls opinion. Although there were things about Kick-Ass that I was into, all things considered, I didn’t like
Herk Harvey’s Carnival of Souls, follows a young woman named Mary, whom we first meet when she and her friends take an unfortunate nosedive off the side of a bridge while drag racing. Mary is the only one to survive this awful event and being e
I’m going to cut to the chase here. I loved this movie and Kristen Stewart was excellent. She was Joan Jett. If you came here to read about what a cunt she is and how she should never be allowed near another film because of her Twilighty person