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Although I’m not sure when it happened, it’s pretty clear now: I adore Hitchcock’s 1930’s output. What’s odd is I occasionally find myself hesitant to dip below 1945. I’m unsure why that is as I am rarely disappoin
Here’s a Hitchcock appreciation month treat! We have a guest post from Paracinema issue 16 contributor Derek Godin. By the time 1954 rolled around, Alfred Hitchcock was no stranger to wringing suspense out of high concept premises. To wit: he i
Uncle Charlie is an asshole. Wait. Let me backtrack a bit. Alfred Hitchcock had long since passed by the time I was born. When you’ve always known your favorite filmmaker to be dead, you never know the pure elation that comes with a new project
To Catch a Thief might be my most surprising blind spot. The only way to explain its absence from my viewing is to come clean: I don’t like Cary Grant. Let me say that I have seen his other three Hitchcock films–and Charade–and I ju
Welcome to Paracinema’s Hitchcock appreciation month. Throughout November, Andreas, of Pussy Goes Grrr, and I will be revisiting (and just plain old visiting) some under-discussed Hitch entries. My personal goal with the series is to fill in so