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Compiling this list was more of a personal challenge than anything else. It’s always been a bit difficult for me to keep up with new releases. This year, I aimed to change that, and I think I put forth a valiant effort. There were some films I
Now that I live in New York City, I am constantly reminded of the stereotypes that exist concerning my native state of Alaska. People I meet typically ask the same questions – about how dark it gets, or how we survive in the wilderness –
Over the last year I’ve kept track of every film I’ve watched. Each month I gathered together my top 5. New releases, documentaries, things I should have seen years ago, everything was eligible as long as I’d never seen it before. S
Nearly every Rise of the Planet of the Apes review that I have read has zeroed in on the rather banal conclusion that the film’s crucial message is that “messing with nature” doesn’t pay. If that is the case then writer/producers Rick Jaffa a
The female lead character in the horror and science fiction genres is nothing terribly new. In the last decade however, it has become trendy to have a tough woman protagonist, but I suspect this is largely due to the increased need to appear differen
Mike White (Impossible Funky) answered the call set forth by Atomic Books & Quimby’s Bookstore as part of their “Revenge of Print” campaign. After four years Mike and his gang of contributors went back to the lab to compile the
I’m not a parent. Hell, I don’t even have a cat. But I did watch Poltergeist too many times when I was far too young, and I can say with certainty that Steve and Diane Freeling were awesome parents. Here are some of the things I learned f
SPOILERS ARE EVERYWHERE! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Last night, my friend and I watched Black Death, the newest entry into the genre of movies-that-feature-Sean-Bean-with-long-hair-a-beard-and-a-sword (one of my favorite genres, by the way). This hearkene
At some point this weekend, I am going to watch Crossworlds. And I could not be more excited. I know very little about the movie. I’ve seen the trailer, so I know that it is a 1997 film that looks like it was made in the early 90’s. It ha
There are few movies I have watched as many times as Shaun of the Dead. Truth be told, the top spots all belong to Henson films. I don’t mind saying it’s a strange mix. So what is it about 2004’s Shaun of the Dead that makes it infi
Warning: this is not an ACTUAL retrospective. Chris Evans first popped onto my radar as Jake Wyler in Not Another Teen Movie. I may be in the minority, but I think that movie is super funny. So much so, that I bought the DVD as my contribution to a h
I don’t think it’s much of an exaggeration to say that this will be the greatest Paracinema post of all time. Come to think of it, this may be the single best piece of writing that humanity has ever produced. If Jesus Christ himself came