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Hello. My name is Rockie Juarez and I proudly work in what could be within in the next few years a failing business. That business is a simple Ma & Pa video store known as Vulcan Video located in Austin, Texas. Vulcan Video has been around for tw
It’s been too long since a Mike Mendez film has graced the big screen. His last feature, The Gravedancers (2006), was a spirited ghost story with a wonderfully trashy edge. The director’s Adrienne Barbeau demon-busting action film The Convent
Strong female protagonists indulging in the forbidden was the furor at this year’s Boston Underground Film Festival. Zach Clark’s White Reindeer (winner of “Best Feature”) stood among powerful films Guilty of Romance, Jug Face
Children partaking in playtime often make games of the routine responsibilities performed by adults. It doesn’t mean certain kids lack creativity; it’s that so much of childhood revolves around mimicking grownups as a means of adapting an
Brett Taylor delves into Dreams with Sharp Teeth, profiling the controversial author Harlan Ellison.