Netflix Film Festival 53: July 2016
Killer giraffes, snowbound journeys, good old fashioned southern fried murder and more!
Published on July 29, 2016 | Filed under Netflix Film Festival

Summer’s angry red glare is firmly upon us loyal reader. At the height of the blistering heat, don’t go outside and soak up the sun, stay indoors like me and stay a healthy pasty color. Block up the windows, shut off the lights, and you’ll never get bitten by a mosquito or by sunburn. Come with me dear reader and watch a healthy dose of cinema. It’s just like vitamin C, the more you take in, the healthier you are!

The Great Alone

The Great Alone (2015)

This brand new doc follows Lance Mackey as mounts his 12th attempt at the famous 1,049 mile dog race, the Iditarod in Alaska. A surprisingly frank look at the life Lance has led, the film has beautiful scenery, heart, and a big helping of the human spirit. Perfect for summer viewing when trying to avoid the sun, the entire film takes place during the extreme winter of the great white north.


Zoombies (2016)

From The Asylum, the folks that brought us Sharknado, comes this film that asks the question: what would happen if all the animals in a wild animal preserve for endangered species became zombies and ate everyone? If you’ve ever wanted to see two giraffe’s pull apart a person or a koala attack a little girl, this movie is for you. Silly, action packed, and filled to the gills with bad CG, this one is a hoot if you’re in the right mood.

Spy Time

Spy Time (2015)

This Spanish language film, which sports a very dull title, is about a Spanish equivalent to James Bond except he needs to retire. His son, a life long loser, knows nothing about his father’s true identity, that is until some goons try to kidnap him. Father and son have to fight the goons together despite lacking resources. Funny, silly, and decidedly euro, this one is a mellow light hearted flick that isn’t shy about showing the red stuff.

The Aviator

The Aviator (2004)

When this flick came out I was young and stupid. I wasn’t interested in the subject matter and thought a nearly 3 hour movie starring Leo would be intolerable. I was wrong. Very wrong. Totally engrossing, and masterfully directed (of course, it’s a Scorsese flick), I didn’t want it to end. If you were like me, that is to say stupid, don’t be stupid anymore. This film is fantastic.

Two Step

Two Step (2015)

Set in Austin, TX, Two Step is about a young man who inherits a house and a load of cash from his recently deceased grandmother. Still reeling from the loss, a con man calls the house looking for grandma pretending to be the young man. Soon he’s thrust into the seedy underbelly of Austin. This debut film hits the right noir notes. I’m hoping for good things from the director in future.

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