Netflix Film Festival 47: October 2015
October 2015's edition of what's worth streaming on Netflix. A zombie ex, a King double feature, a tribal curse and more!
Published on October 16, 2015 | Filed under Netflix Film Festival

Welcome weirdos, agoraphobics, insomniacs, and snobs to another edition of the Netflix Film Festival where I share with you dear reader some good flicks for your tube. With the spooky season right at our doorsteps, I’ll be taking you to Creepsville this time around with some great flicks to watch during October! Let’s get freaky!

The Returned

The Returned (2013)

I know, I know. It’s a zombie flick, but this is a good one, I swear! The zombie plague has been conquered by a drug that keeps the virus at bay. The problem? The supply of the drug has run out. Dramatic and moving, scary and stylish, this is far above your normal rotting human movie.

Pet Sematary 1 & 2

Pet Semtary / Pet Semetary 2 (1989/1992)

Fire up this double feature for some good creepy 80s Stephen King-yness. The first one is grade A great horror, the second one is fun and stars Edward Furlong (T2) and Clancey Brown (Highlander, and the voice of Mr. Krabbs on Spongebob!). Dig it!


Nomads (1986)

Pierce Brosnan plays an anthropologist fighting a tribal curse and some creepy stuff happens in his very 80s house. This one is a fantastic sleeper that only real horror nerds know about. You’re welcome.

Burying The Ex

Burying the Ex (2015)

Joe Dante’s newest film is a Horror/Comedy and while it won’t set your world on fire it will entertain you for it’s run time. A guy who is planning breaking up with his girlfriend has to deal with her reanimated corpse when she dies before he tells her it’s splitsville between them.

Dark Was The Night

Dark Was the Night (2015)

A small town wakes up to discover mysterious bestial footprints everywhere. It’s up to the emotionally grizzled sheriff and his deputy to investigate the strange occurrence. I love monster movies and this one was pretty dang good, solid performances, a neat looking beast and more dimension in the characters then we get often in horror flicks.

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