Long Live Laura: Twin Peaks Marathon & Giveaway
On Feb. 22nd, Paracinema invites you to join our day-long marathon of Lynch's classic TV series.
Published on January 2, 2015 | Filed under News
Laura Palmer

“Tonight is the night that I die – it’s the only way to keep Bob away from me.”
-Laura Palmer’s diary, dated February 23rd.

Get your coffee and cherry pie ready this February 22nd and join Paracinema in an upcoming social media event. Join us as we watch the entirety of Twin Peaks from start to finish while we live-tweet and Instagram every gruesome, funny or sad moment along the way, starting at 8AM on the 22nd and ending on the anniversary of Laura’s death. Follow @paracinema on Twitter and Instagram and tweet/message us during the event with the hashtag #longlivelaura for your chance to win one of two prize packs chock full of Twin Peaks themed goodies that have been donated by an amazing group of Etsy artists.

Agent Cooper

Save the date, drink more coffee than Cooper and revisit one of pop culture’s most beloved whodunnits with Paracinema.

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