Netflix Film Festival 37: October 2014
October 2014's edition of what's worth streaming on Netflix (& Hulu). Killer dolls, home invasion, super crack, and more!
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Welcome freaks, geeks, and weirdos, to this spooktacular October edition of Netflix Film Festival. This month I’ve got films filled with shrieks, creeps, and uh… feets? Meeps? I kinda wrote myself into a corner there… Anyway you came for blood and I am here to deliver for this horror-fied special edition! I’m taking you around the world this time which proves that horror lurks everywhere!


Resolution (2012)

This micro budget flick is about a guy and his best friend. You see, his best friend is a drug addict and decides to chain him to a wall until he detoxes but then really freaky things start happening that neither of them are prepared for. This one feels very fresh and modern it’s an original piece of mind bending cinema.

Rigor Mortis

Rigor Mortis (2013)

Do you miss funky Hong Kong hopping vampire flicks as much as I do? Rigor Mortis is a great spooky flick that bridges old school Hong Kong horror with more modern sensibilities. Very creepy, great practical effects, and a solid script make this one a winner all day long.

Dead Silence

Dead Silence  (2007)

I slept on this one when it came out. Directed by Australian James Wan (Saw, Insidious, The Conjuring), honestly I thought it looked stupid. It’s not. Sure, it’s a killer doll flick but it’s so damn creepy and good! It features a great hammy performance from Donnie Wahlberg, a pre-True Blood Ryan Kwanten, and one of the greatest old lady villans since Snow White. This one deserves a second look.

Blood Glacier

Blood Glacier (2014)

Stop me when this sounds familiar: a group of scientists are investigating a glacier when an alien species is unearthed and starts transforming animals and people into monsters. Sure, its a very obvious riff on The Thing, but it’s also lots of fun and well done. Almost all of the creatures are done with practical effects and believe me, you’ve never seen anything like them. Solid performances and a killer soundtrack make this Austrian creature feature a must see flick.

The Returned

The Returned (2013)

This Canadian horror film is not what it seems. It’s about a zombie outbreak (ugh I know, not again) but much like The Battery, it’s a very fresh take. The world has cured the zombie plague but those infected must take medication every day. If they don’t they revert back into flesh eaters. The problem? The supply is getting low. This dramatic film uses zombies to talk about disease related prejudice, relationships, greed, and love. Heady stuff for a film that at its heart is about a bunch of gut munchers, but the director handles the subject matter beautifully.

Hulu Super Extra Bonus!

The Battery

The Battery (2013)

Speaking of The Battery, it’s on Hulu! Last year’s low budget zombie breakthrough hit that landed on TONS of top 10 lists is ready and waiting for you to discover it. Dig in, you won’t regret it! Soulful, funny, simple, and smart, this flick is next level horror film making.


Hobgoblins (1988)

If you’re looking for “so bad, it’s good” look no further than Hobgoblins! Like Ghoulies but wish they were hairy? You got it, buddy!

Demonic Toys

Full Moon Flicks

Seedpeople, Demonic Toys, Puppet Master (all of em!), Dollman, Gingerdead Man, and more await you. Oh the cheese!

Cemetery Gates

Cemetery Gates (2006)

A giant monster is eating people in a cemetery and KNB FX (Evil Dead films, Walking Dead, and about a million more flicks) did the gore in this flick AT COST. They loved the idea and cut the film makers a big break. Hell, the B in KNB was even in the film as a hippie that gets eaten! If you like your films goofy and gory you’ll love this one!


Frankenhooker (1990)

Frank Henenlotter (Basket Case films) made this tasteless flick about a man that assembles the perfect woman using body parts from hookers and uses super crack to lure them. It’s pretty awesome.


Stitches (2012)

When a clown at a kids party gets killed, he comes back from the dead and gets even! This Irish horror/comedy is buckets of fun! Nice juicy practical effects, good jokes, and great direction make this one a sleeper cult hit! From the director of Dead Meat.


Them (2007)

Part of the new wave of French horror, Them is a home invasion flick that was obviously seen by the makers of The Strangers. Tense, frightening, and all too realistic. This one will have you gripping the armrests!


Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986)

If you want to disturb yourself check out this flick based on real life serial killer Henry Lee Lucas. Starring Michal Rooker (Walking Dead) and Tom Towles. It’s a nasty flick, I’ve warned you.

As you can see there are A LOT of great horror flicks to choose from out there. From old school splatter classics to new school understated low budget marvels. There’s something for everyone and something from every corner of the globe! Do some digging and make up your own Netflix Film Festival (and Hulu!)


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