Netflix Film Festival 18: January 2013
January 2013's edition of what's worth streaming on Netflix. Australian killing sprees, haunted houses, record breaking, and more.
Published on January 23, 2013 | Filed under Netflix Film Festival

Welcome to this month’s installment of Netflix Film Festival. The holidays are over, taxes are up, and it’s cold. Welcome to 2013. Let me put some salve on all of our collective cold sores and distract us from our emptying wallets by showing you some funky flicks to catch for free.


Buck (2011)

Sentimental, beautiful and moving, Buck is a doc about the real horse whisperer. I didn’t grow up with horses, I grew up in the ‘burbs and have no connection to horses. I’m also not a 9 year old girl. Despite this, I loved this doc.


Snowtown (2012)

And on the flip side of the coin is Snowtown, an Australian film about their most notorious killing spree in recent years. This has to be the most powerful, revolting, believable non-doc film I saw in 2012. I saw it months ago and it still bothers and amazes me. Highly recommended.


Breaking and Entering (2010)

After watching Snowtown you’ll need a dose of fun insanity. Breaking and Entering is a doc about those folks that dedicate their lives to breaking Guinness Book of World Records records. Meet a man who plans to ride a stationary bike longer than anyone and ends up with the world record for most sore ass. Meet a nutty guy who holds a ton of bizarre records like pushing a medicine ball the furthest with his nose (breaking his nose in the process), bouncing on a ball across the Great Wall of China. Or a man who claims he can catch grapes in his mouth from the furthest distance. Wacky, silly, and fun.


Shut Up Little Man (2011)

Another strange doc about two guys living in San Francisco in the ’90s who happen to have the most contentious neighbors in the city. Drunken arguments turn into shouting matches and the guys next door decide to record the bizarre rants and hand them out to friends. Soon people from all over want to hear the exploits of the drunken neighbors and the two begin to sell the tapes turning the recordings into a cult phenomenon. An interesting commentary on privacy and voyeurism, Shut Up Little Man is a funky doc that also provides food for thought.

Tales from the Darkside

Tales from the Darkside: The Movie (1990)

I grew up in the ’90s and I loved watching reruns of the Tales from the Darkside series on Sci-Fi. Some were super creepy and some were super camp,y and this film swings more towards the campy side. Still a lot of fun, though not the creepfest I was hoping for, catch this one quick as it’s going to expire in the next few weeks and the DVD is out of print.


The American Scream (2012)

Finally, one more doc for your viewing pleasure. The American Scream follows families that love Halloween so much they turn their garages into mini haunted houses for kids to enjoy. There’s a fine line between passion and obsession and these folks push their craft nearly to the breaking point of their familial bonds. Inspiring, surprising, and shocking, The American Scream will become mandatory Halloween viewing in the years to come.


Uncouth enjoys all manner of exploitation cinema. He is a video editor by trade and a cinephile by obsession. He runs Toxic-Graveyard.com and contributes to Lunchmeat Magazine. He is also a specialist at finding creepy crawly things under rocks for his kids.

  • I couldn’t finish Snowtown – I turned it off and then sobbed for a really really long time. I actually wish I had never watched it. That’s testament to its power.

  • Another great selection, as always these Netflix Film Festivals are always a hightlight of my day when a new one is posted 🙂

  • UncouthParacinema

    Awesome, I’m glad you enjoy the lists. You keep reading them, I’ll keep writing them.
    And yeah Snowtown is pretty tough. It’s so well done I couldn’t stop watching. It’s a true horror film in that its 100% believable and based on a true story. Honestly it doesn’t get any better either. That should have been nominated for some oscars.