NYCC: My brush with Brody
Oh, New York Comic Con, how I adore thee… and how I abhor thee. Let me elaborate. This is my second NYCC. My first being 2008. You can read all about that here and here. The short version is as
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Oh, New York Comic Con, how I adore thee… and how I abhor thee. Let me elaborate.

This is my second NYCC. My first being 2008. You can read all about that here and here. The short version is as follows. We managed to sneak our way into the PACKED Hellboy 2 panel (where I fell even deeper in love with Guillermo del Toro) and sit in for some Wanted talk. There was also some Hulk stuff and Seth Green was talking and also Clone Wars junk. I can’t recall it all! But the point is, we totally got our panel hopping on. It was so fun and I felt like a real reporter with a cutesy lil press badge. The main floor was packed and we spent ZERO time browsing. But after it was all said and done, I felt it had been a resounding success!

2009 didn’t happen because it had been so crowded the year before. Joss Whedon was there and I pouted a lot.

So 2010 was a must. Although, there wasn’t much I wanted to see. The Walking Dead panel was alluring, but since it fell on a Sunday, it wasn’t going to happen. There was a The Thing panel that looked promising, but I figured I’d just wing it like back in 08. That is until I found out Adrien Brody was going to be signing. For one hour. Fast forward through a week filled with breathless anticipation and you end up at Friday. The day I got out of work early to pick up my credentials so I would waste no time positioning myself in prime Brody airspace on Saturday. Friday turned out to be super fun. Look at some pictures.

I like old toys…

I also like movie posters. And old issues of Rolling Stone with X Files covers.

And I like this little Adipose guy from Dr. Who. He was squishy.

In other news, I wanted to steal this little boy dancing his heart out dressed like Mega Man.

And that was Friday. Much fun was had. Traipsing and browsing and giggling and hopping around. Oh, Comic Con, you are a fickle bitch. We left home at 11:30 am on Saturday (after I popped in for my brief appearance on the epic Movies About Girls Breakfast Cast). The Javits Center is about a 40 minute trip. Plenty of time to perch in wait for Adrien’s 2 (TWO) pm arrival; the only objective of the day.

As I walked through the doors I was met with 2 things: the alluring scent of body odor and the crippling fear that one and one half hours would not be sufficient time. That place was packed. I feared for my life as I made a bee-line for the FOX booth (1777, I committed it to memory and had staked it out Friday). To my horror there was already a “line” forming. By “line” I mean a mushed up jumble of people crowding in an aisle while some Avatar dude signed junk. We were told there was no line, that those people were just waiting for there to be a line. Try telling that to the people “in line.” So I stood in this wacky line hybrid for about 15 minutes before realizing there was a NEW line forming behind us that I wasn’t a part of. Again, stricken with the paralyzing fear I would miss my date with Mr. Brody, I ran from the “line.” This is a decision I still struggle with.

My knowledge of the FOX booth layout allowed me to pick the perfect spot to view the signing. So for over an hour I waited for Adrien. I watched the actual line form and I felt overwhelming sadness as I realized I was not IN the line (nor could I ever be). (This is becoming increasingly long winded, so I’ll power through.)

Adrien was guided in by a flock of Predators at 2:15 and I rushed the signing area snapping many pics and recording a short video. I stood and witnessed the handshakes and the joy for an immeasurable amount of time before I realized (in true stalker fashion) that I had to say hi. So, me and my Brothers Bloom blu ray approached again. I gave a shy wave, held up the blu, mimed “I heart you” and received a smile, bowed head and a mouthed “thank you.” Then I left Comic Con (cuz I had to pee). I felt triumphant yet my heart was heavy. Was avoiding the line the wise choice? I suppose I’ll never know… Here are my pics!

And my video.

It was a pretty awesome weekend. If you made it through my overdramatized recounting of events, I owe you a hearty pat on the back. I think the moral is this: don’t miss all the panels to stare at Adrien Brody. Oh, Comic Con, you giveth and you taketh away…

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Christine enjoys obsessing over Paracinema magazine. She also loves well written hour long TV dramas. Her free time is spent with her many boyfriends: Brian De Palma, Edgar Wright & Alfred Hitchcock.

  • Andreas

    Comic Con sounds pretty nightmarish (in terms of body count), but GASP: you got to stare at Adrien Brody. Seems like a fair trade-off.

    (I say this as someone who spent the duration of Splice doing pretty much the same thing.)

  • christine

    I love when other people love him. It makes me feel vindicated!
    & Comic Con is pretty rough if you have issues with crowds. I do. I fear a trampling is imminent.

  • James

    You got some great photos there, Christine. I had to hold my breath in anticipation when you recounted your spur-of-the-moment decision to change lines. I don't know what I would've done!! Probably just imploded. Glad you enjoyed CC – and that you got the chance to let la Brody know of your appreciattion for him. ;o)


  • christine

    Thank you for humoring me. After typing this up I realized how needlessly in depth it was.
    That being said! It was SUCH a hard decision!
    Don't you just love the Predators in the background 😉