This will be short, sweet and focused… I hope. People are all over the web waxing and waning about this movie. This is just one girls opinion. Although there were things about Kick-Ass that I wa
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This will be short, sweet and focused… I hope. People are all over the web waxing and waning about this movie. This is just one girls opinion.

Although there were things about Kick-Ass that I was into, all things considered, I didn’t like it. The reasons may surprise you (or not). And here are those reasons. I’m over these teenagers. What I mean by that vague statement is this: I’m over the sarcastic, stoic, ironic delivery kinda of teenagers ala Jonah Hill. Sorry if that’s too broad a stroke, but I don’t think they are cute or funny. And I’m not buying what they’re selling. These aren’t the boy next door. That immediately put me off.

Just because you say a film is set in New York, doesn’t mean it is. I found this maddening. The inserted skylines and back alley sets made my toes curl. If I’m to believe these city streets are so dangerous that vigilante justice is necessary, then don’t set it on a back lot! I didn’t feel the grit and grime. I know the New York of the 70’s is long dead and I’m not asking for cinematic miracles. But the Gotham presented in The Dark Knight was threatening. Why couldn’t that be achieved here? Hey, I’m not going to deny that living in New York has everything to do with my strong and possibly insane feelings on the setting. It was just another thing that didn’t work for me.

Everything else just fell flat (except Hit-Girl. But I’ll get back to that in momentarily).I have never read this comic, so for all I know everything I disliked was taken from the book. I’m only speaking on what I experienced on screen. I didn’t laugh. I didn’t identify with anyone. I didn’t care. Oh, and the narration just seemed cheap and easy. Do not like narration!

I did say there were some things that I was “into”. Her name is Chloe Moretz aka Hit-Girl. Every time that foul mouthed firecracker was onscreen I found a smile plastered on my face. Her fight scenes were out of control. The action sequences in general were fun, but she was simply electrifying. As a genre fan, I’d be crazy not to love the violence (sorry Ebert!). But that’s all I enjoyed. In this case, outstanding bloodshed and slick dismemberments aren’t enough. I’m not condemning this film. There is just no way I can say I “liked” it when all I liked was seeing people get beat up.

You should read Roger Ebert’s review. Our views are TOTALLY OPPOSITE! It’s almost amazing how differing our opinions are. He apparently wanted the superhero version of Superbad. All I wanted was a little girl to kill more people.


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  • Simon

    I kinda agree with you, mostly on Moretz.

  • zombivish

    I liked but didn't love it. I really liked hit-girl and big daddy's story though, twisted and sick as it was.
    Regarding NYC being represented by a back lot, that made me smile as that back lot is Toronto.
    sitting there watching the film with my brothers it almost became a game to see our city very much on display. Hell there's even a Tim Horton's in one shot (which probably wont mean anything to anyone that is more than an hour away from the USA/Can border).

  • The Film Connoisseur

    okay, NOW im super curious for this movie! I will be seeing it this weekend and reviewing it. Ive seen both sides of the spectrum, positive and negative…

  • christine

    VISH! I should have looked up where it was actually filmed! I'm embarrassed I didn't. I meant not negativity towards that great city! It just didn't feel authentic to me. And I know Tim Horton's!! They are all over the place back home in Rhode Island!

  • Matt-suzaka

    I never have absolutely no care to ever see this film. From trailer one, it looked so unoriginal in almost every way, from the cutesy pseudo funny characters, to the over the top, over played cartoon styled violence. Your review does not make me want to see Kick-Ass anymore than not at all, so avoid it I shall continue.

  • lulu

    nice info

  • Joe Humphrey

    I'm working on my review right now as well. I also didn't particularly like it, though for somewhat different reasons. I should have something to post by the end of the weekend, I hope.

  • christine

    As always, Joe, I look forward to it.

    Thanks for all the comments guys!