This is what I thought about “Legion”
This movie was not made for me. I am very clear on that fact. It was made for the people clapping and hollering in my theater. Good for them. There is nothing I can tell you in this blog that you can&
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This movie was not made for me. I am very clear on that fact. It was made for the people clapping and hollering in my theater. Good for them.

There is nothing I can tell you in this blog that you can’t figure out by watching the trailer. Angel, baby, save the world, battle blah blah blah. That’s the meat right there. There is an Angel and a baby that will save the world from a vengeful God. Some how that is dragged to fill 140 minutes.

I’m going to break it down into pros and cons, pros first:

*The cinematography and the direction were interesting. I liked the way it was shot.
*Paul Bettany is adorable and can act. I’m glad he can spread his wings (pun pun pun!) and do something actiony. I’m sure Creation isn’t raking in the big bucks. But he may do well to continue playing Darwin esque characters as I’m not sure I bought him as one of God’s minions.

Sadly, I think that’s it for pros. The cons list is going to be substantially longer. But I will preface it by saying again, I know this film was not made for me. Here comes the cons:

*The acting and dialogue was atrocious.
*There was far too much down time. I don’t want to hear a bunch of undeveloped characters prattle on.
*There was far too little action. See above, but it would have been forgivable if the quiet times were used to make us care about these people. Instead you get Tyrese delivering an empty speech on when he “was a shorty”.
*Where were all the demon/angels? That’s the hook of this film; Doug Jones’ ice cream man and the little old lady. I wish we could have gotten a few more crazy characters.
*The man who will save us all is named Jeep. Just think about that for a while.

If you go and see Legion, I hope you enjoy it. I didn’t. It could have been like The Mist. Instead it was trite.

(edit to include the following: I JUST realized why “Jeep” was so G-D familiar! He was Caleb Temple in American Gothic! Damn, wish I had known that going in, may have liked it more…)


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  • Ashlee

    I appreciated this film for what it attempted to do. On the same side of the coin overtly cliched savior element that clearly ripped from the Terminator franchise (and not at all well) was extremely off putting.

    If they were to stick to the overtly religious element, they should've went all the way. Preachy or not, stick to your guns.
    And I agree with you; the pace of the film tried to compact a deeper emotional element for the other characters because they had to fill the star quota.

    Is it my imagination or did we learn more about Tyrese's character than the Linda Hamilton replica?

    I came out of the theatre not thinking it completely sucky but pretty unfulfilled. Especially with that lame ending.

  • Geof

    It's 2 hrs and 20 minutes? Ugh!

    This feels like one of those films that if you saw the trailer, you basically saw the whole movie.

  • The Film Connoisseur

    Sounds like they do all this "exposition" because they got franchise in mind, they want to set the rules with this one to do a big epic trilogy…

    but it looks like this one is dead in the water. You gotta make a really good first movie if you want a franchise to grow. I dont think this one will go past the first film. This is the second negative review I read for this one!

  • Mike White

    I forgot about the "shorty" speech. Almost as good as the one-liner about blowing your hand off due to the recoil on a gun and everyone looks at Charles S. Dutton's one-handed character…

    I couldn't decide if Jeep was supposed to be retarded or if he was just written that way. And I maintain that "No shark teeth here, pa" will be the catchphrase of the '10s. Get your t-shirt today!

  • christine

    Ashlee- You really put that more eloquently than I. I agree completely with your sentiments. I think I would have enjoyed it more had it been more preachy.

    Geof- nail on the head.

    Film Connoisseur- I got the franchise feeling as well. Especially when Paul Bettany's character is asked "will we ever see you again" and he answers "have faith". *insert audible groan here*

    Mike- I don't think a lot of people had seen Dutton's hand because the rude people in the theater didn't LOL!! uncontrollably like they did at every other lame quip. Maybe his claw hand was just too subtle for them.

  • Joe Humphrey

    I have a strict "No Dennis Quaid" rule. I've come to the conclusion that any movie that has Dennis Quaid in it is a crappy movie. It's just always been that way and, I believe, will always be.

  • Mike White

    Oh, by the way, Jeep is a registered trademark of Chrysler LLC Group.