Pumpkinhead (OMFG Lance Henriksen)
I watched Pumpkinhead for the first time tonight. I enjoyed it. But I found I didn’t really have enough passion to warrant a blog post. That is until our very own Matt-Suzaka (also of CNAMB fame
Published on October 6, 2009 | Filed under editorial

I watched Pumpkinhead for the first time tonight. I enjoyed it. But I found I didn’t really have enough passion to warrant a blog post. That is until our very own Matt-Suzaka (also of CNAMB fame) persuaded me to follow my heart.

Pumpkinhead is an enjoyable film. It’s a bit formulaic and some of the dialogue/acting comes off a tad cheesy. That’s forgivable because Pumpkinhead himself looks so badass. Seriously, this practical creature really stands the test of time. This thing’s 20 years old and yet it still manages to be unsettling! Stan Winston’s direction is topnotch. The film exceeded any of my expectations. The monster is awesome, the little boy is beyond adorable, the setting is creepy and the film is an all round good time. Most genre fans have already seen this film. Probably numerous times over many years. I’m late to the party. If anyone hasn’t seen this movie, there is nothing I could type in this box that’s going to change any minds. So let’s cut to the chase people. Let’s pull back the curtain and be honest about why we are really here. Lance motherfucking Henriksen. Matt inspired me to just let go and let my Lance love shower down. So here goes.

Lance looks so flippin good in this movie. The first time you see him he has his shirt off! Now that’s how you start a movie people! He is nearly 50 in this flick and he looks damn fine! Whew… I need to calm down… Lance Henriksen is undeniably charismatic and I deem him to be insanely handsome. Maybe it’s my daddy issues talking, but I am quite sure I’m not alone in my love. Although, I do prefer late 90’s ultra broody Millennium Lance. There’s just something about his raspy delivery and all consuming concern for the fate of the world come the year 2000. It should be illegal for a man in his (then) 50’s to look so damn good. In conclusion, Henriksen is a genre God. His imdb credits are mind blowing. Right now he has nearly a dozen films in post-production. He is an unstoppable acting machine. He is iconic. He is magnetic. He is sexy as fuck.

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  • Ashlee

    Lol! "Lance motherfucking Henriksen"?! Touche and all that jazz.

    I never got through Pumpkinhead. Some things should never be shown, cut on Sy Fy, so I never gave it a fair shot.

    Good thing too. I can do something different this hallow's eve and watch all films I've never seen but wanted to.

  • dylan

    Lance is super hot…If you like wrinkles.

  • christine

    Good thing for you that I do DYLAN!

  • Matt-suzaka

    Wow…as if the post wasn't great enough, the comments are just as funny! Lance is a demigod of genre cinema, and one of my faves. He really transcended the average genre actor and successfully crossed over into the mainstream with great acting abilities and a look that few actors have these days.

    As for Pumpkinhead, it is a great horror film, and like Candy man, Pumpkinhead was an awesome character put to poor use and completely wasted in meh sequels. Winston was a true master when it came to creating frightening creatures, and to top it off, he did a great job directing Pumpkinhead too. It's a bummer that he didn't really direct any more films outside of Pumpkinhead though.

    Oh…and Survival Quest kicks a ton of ass!

  • Stephen Andrew

    I too have not seen this. But I will take your review as motivation enough to change that fact.